Covid times….

Furlough is continuing, and flexible furlough came in from 1st July, which means that for the first time employees could be part time furloughed. The self employed have always been able to pursue work under the SEISS rules and still receive the grant, which may seemĀ  unfair, particularly to one man band limited company directors.

The second grant for the self employed comes on line on the 17th August, and, as before, HMRC will advise if you are eligible and invite you to apply. if you would like to check in advance you can, however, if you were eligible for the first grant, then you will qualify for the second one.

The second instalments for self assessment have been automatically deferred to 31st January 2021, although if you want to settle up now you can.

The vat deferral period has now ended and vat is payable as per normal depending on your quarter dates.

Eat out to help out…………..not sure about this, hope it helps the businesses that its aimed at, I cant help thinking that the extra work on keeping the records might just negate any benefit, all those tills to adjust etc. time will tell.

Stay well